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TWENTY-FIRST TALK          429

but then you see that is precisely one of the ideas
which, as a student of Occultism, you must put away.
You must ?ealise that nothing is yours in that
personal sense, thai whatever is yours is given you in
trust for the work of evolution. The work of evolution
is the one consideration.   If you have money,
well and good—it is good karma, because it gives you
the opportunity of doing more for the work with
that.  If you are in a position where you have
influence, well and good, because you have been
entrusted with that as a talent which you can use in
the Master's service. And so we come to feel that
nothing is our own in the sense of a separate use of
it; that we are always in the position of the trusted
manager or employee who is using the firm's money,
but is in every respect just as careful with every
penny of it as if it were his own. It is his to use ; he
has unquestioned power over it, but he is careful to
the last degree to make the best possible use of it, and
he could never have the feeling that it was his own
personal property. That should be the position of
every rich man, of every man in a position of power.
We know how often in this world's history it
has gone the other way, how people who have
gained position and power have used it selfish-
ly.  But that is their mistake. The man who
does that, however able he may be, is failing in
the trust.  The power was given to him to use
on behalf of humanity, and he is using it for his